Brodeur Kazanjian Beauty & Fashion is a company that helps beauty, personal care and apparel brands launch, expand or reposition themselves through global omnichannel strategies and partnerships.

Founder and CEO Thom Brodeur-Kazanjian is an accomplished business leader, author and media personality. Mostly recently, he was the CEO of Yandy.com - one of the leading online lingerie and specialty apparel retailers in North America. Prior to Yandy, Brodeur-Kazanjian was president and COO of functional fashion accessories company Maria Shireen. From beauty media and marketing platforms in the pageant industry to apparel, accessories, cosmetics, skincare, hair and other personal care product or service brands, Brodeur-Kazanjian has become the partner of choice for devising smart strategy, and delivering optimal go-to-market execution.

Winning brands influence lifestyle changes.
Compelling your key stakeholders to not only buy what you made, but to build you into their lives every day, is our priority. You create great products and experiences. We make sure the right people in the right places at the right time get into your circle. Ready to get started?
On Trend
We help make brands relevant to their markets. You’re irresistible and your customers shouldn’t live without you. Our job is to make sure they know that.
Our plans are never cookie cutter. Everything we do from brand to marketing to sales and distribution takes a unique look at what can give you an unfair competitive advantage in the market.
Great Instincts
We rely on math, science and data, of course. We’re also fearless about listening to that inside voice that says “buck the trend”, “do better by doing things differently.” Our clients win because of it.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
And beauty brands have to be seen as day-to-day focused and forward looking. Seeing the forest and the trees at the same time is critical to building a beauty brand and ringing the cash register. If your brand building, marketing and sales efforts aren’t aligned daily and re-imagined quarterly to semi-annually, you’re missing opportunity.
“We frame the bigger picture while helping brands focus on building the here and now.” – Thom Brodeur-Kazanjian